Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The truth is hiding in your eyes

aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhh, I'm addicted to the Twilight books, thus the fewer posts...I hate it and yet love it so much, I find great delight in stories that portray an amazingly intense love between two characters, like Romeo & Juliet, and in Wuthering Heights and The Notebook, just to name a few other faves....and It does make me feel like attempting to writing a novel again, too...2 books down, 2 to go :) xxx
pics weheartit ~ lyrics Decode by Paramore


courtney jane said...

there is something about Twilight that just keeps you going doesnt it? Oh if you havent read or seen the movie version of A Walk To Remember, you would love it!:)
Loving the pics btw!

Anonymous said...

oh i know ive become addicted to like one more chapter of breaking dawn to read eekkk....x