Thursday, September 3, 2009

and we'll go where you want...we'll sail the seven seas

I love traveling. I am so excited to travel again...70 days and I'm be on my way to New York City!
You know what else I love?...I love mail. and today, at the post office was a beautiful belated birthday present from one of my lovely friends back home...gorgeous earrings and a very special card...I miss her sooo much.
I'd really like to know, what are some of your loves?
pics via weheartit ~ lyrics - Bella by Angus & Julia Stone (still in ♥ with this song)


Red Lipstick Style said...

One reason that I started a blog was to appreciate my many blessings in life by sharing them. I love so many things: packages from a friend (I had a warm feeling reading about your package and someone else's today!), excellent coffee, ballet, rain, traveling and exploring, new shoes, pearls, a day off just to read in my library or Barnes and Noble. Simple, everyday pleasures are so important to recognize!

notebookdoodles said...

currently in nyc at the moment :p loving it!