Friday, April 29, 2011

Thinking of Winter...

I already miss summer, but there are some looooovely things about winter too...

pics via lyrics Winter by Joshua Radin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best. Song. Ever.

I feel I can relate to this song in sooooo many ways and it always, ALWAYS makes me smile :) My sister and I made it number 1 on our local pub's jukebox and pretty much converted EVERY local pub dweller to absolutely love this song (even if they wouldnt admit it)....soooo many memories :)

Sea change :)

I know, its been way too long, but I have a good excuse! I moved. To the other side of the country. Left my beloved little town in the outback to broaden my horizions in Sydney!! I never thought I'd live in the city!! But now I do. For now anyway. And so far, so good. MY apartment is super cute & old and a 4 min walk from the beach, cafes, basically anything you need!! Its quite lovely...I havent really thought much about what & who I've left behind (which is a good thing) so I have managed to fit into city life a lot better than I thought :)