Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers

I am dreaming, hoping, praying, waiting for something special to happen, trying to make the most of my boring office job in anticipation for whats next to come...which I am not entirely sure what will be, except for NY in November, the possibility of Fiji with the family in January and a Teaching English course in the near future...I just wish I had some kind of concrete idea or plan of what to do with my life and all its potential (yes, I believe there is some, haha)...I've got nothin right now. Should I just see where life takes me (just working random jobs, saving, travelling, taking photos) or get stuck into something career minded that I am not 100% about?
Oh, life and its many mysteries, haha :)
pics via weheartit & lyrics from That's the Way by Led Zeppelin

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Pansieberry said...

i love the pictures!
this post reminded me of the song "something's coming" from west side story.