Tuesday, December 30, 2008


ohh...what to blog about....i got my new camera yesterday, its pretty rad, simple but rad (haha, thats what they say about me) I had kinda gotten used to using my phone as a full time camera, even though it wasnt the best quality, but the pictures were smaller and took less time to upload, haha. It did pretty well, but its time for a break. I am hanging our for the mail today, (online shopping will be the death of me or atleast my credit card). My sister and I bought the two pairs of swimmers from Sportsgirl and will decide who gets which pair when they arrive, I also orders real rayban wayfarers, non of this cheap crap and the new calander that Frankie has put out....so, now i am just sitting... and waiting...and waiting some more....

hmmm, pink or patterned, pink or patterned, I i'll be satisfied with either :)

peace x
UPDATE: I went with the patterned and they are much prettier in real life!

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get me out of this city said...

i just got the frankie calendar, it's awesome!
i think the patterned bathers? they are both nice though

internet/christmas shopping is killing my credit card :s