Friday, December 12, 2008

Bag lady...

I bidded...bidded? I placed a bid on 2 really cute leather bags today, this helped to subdue my boredom. But when i was done i got bored again, but still with 'bags' on my mind, I recalled a post I read on Buttercup Baby not long ago, about all the contents in Chrissy Bizzles handbag, I decide to copy her idea and this kept me occupied for alot longer than i thought it would....

I emptied the entire contents of my hand bag onto my desk in an attempt to entertain myself and perhaps give it a good clean...and this is what i found:

1 wallet
1 phone
2 Smiths rosebud salves (lib balm)
1 lipgloss
1 pocket sized diary
1 black umbrella
1 bible
insurance papers (for my car)
2 pkts of blue extra chewing gum
1 impulse 'summer splash'
my passport
an old movie ticket (Made of Honour, fyi)
a giant comb
1 Sportsgirl head scarf
promo mints
zip-lock bag containing unfamiliar dry cereal
green post-its
a mirror my friend Cat bought me from France
reading glasses (in a case)
On The Road by Jack Kerouac
a mead composition notebook
2 hair elastics
palmers cocoa butter
small plastic container of nuts
small tube of pink glitter glue....dunno where thats from
work keys
pink post-its
2 cupcakes (would have forgotten about those..)
my ipod
panadol rapid
a mini bottle of hand sanitiser
my sisters headband
water bottle
a pandora bracelet (thats where you've been!)
3 polaroids of me and my friends
more polaroid film
2 pens
1 highlighter
1 usb stick
and a whole heap of gum wrappers...some had old gum in them... gross, i know...

Do I even need all of this stuff??? It is literally weighing me down.

The answer, of course, is yes...

Yes I do.

(However, the two bags I placed bids on are a lot smaller...this, i have come to realise, could be a bad thing)

peace x

thanks to Chrissybizzle @ buttercup baby for a simple yet mind occupying thing to do =)

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chrissybizzle said...

hahaha awh i love his one "zip-lock bag containing unfamiliar dry cereal" too funny.
i recently bought 5 (overkill much?) new bags from the opshop, they are all small. i never have everything i need. but man they are cute! hahaha.