Friday, December 19, 2008

10 random things about my life at the moment...

1. I just bought more polaroid film, two packets, yay!

2. stubborn people annoy the hell out of me.

3. there are frogs in my toilet...two of them. i hate them.
(oh, the joys of living in the outback...)

4. i am addicted to ham. yes. of the meat variety.

5. i love the stars. living in the middle of absolute NOWHERE, there are no city lights for days, so the stars are amazingly bright and twinkly.

6. also, due to the fact that i live in the middle of nowhere, I've had to ask friends travelling to 'bigger' places to purchase a copy of Frankie for me, hopefully, i get it tonight!!!

7. I hate it when my family of 7 (lovely as they are) use up all the internet downloads and it goes sooooo unbelievebly sloooooow.

8. The Rachel Zoe Project is my new favourite show. (& I ♥ pay tv)

9. my permenant retainer is coming unstuck and the are not any orthodontists for about 1200kms.

10. WA or NSW, I still cant decide where i want to be...

PS: living in the bush isnt as bad as i make it sound, this pic is from flickr, its a place just out of Halls Creek (my town, but its actually called Saw Pit Gorge, not Saw Tooth) I'll give you more proof within the next couple of days when i can down load my own photos :)

peace x

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