Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simon, Garfunkel & pink sugar stars.

Today has been a rather pleasant day. It started with a yummy breakfast with my beautiful friend Jess, we went to a funky little cafe on the main street, I had avocado, mushrooms & ricotta on wholemeal, she had the banana bread. I then went home and said farewell to housemates Jem & Jeremy who are off for a sunshiny weekend on the Central Coast. Hollie & I then frolicked into town and I found some cute little presents for my other beautiful friend Catherine's 21st birthday (two white china tea cups, some pink sugar stars and a delicate silver chain bracelet) and I wrapped them in brown paper and string. I also found out my French family that I'm hoping to Au Pair for may actually want me and tonight, Hollie and I are going to see The Boat That Rocked, and I cant wait!!!!! I also bought my first copy of Lula magazine and its the best & prettiest $15 I've spent in a while! Oh, and I got tickets to see Simon & Garfunkel (whom I LOOOOOVE)!!!!! Things are looking rather good at the moment :)

pictures 2,3 & 6 (others are from random places) are from older issues of Lula ~ such dreamy, whimsical images, I'm in love xx ☮

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pistolwhipped said...

i want simon and garfunkel tickets :(