Friday, May 1, 2009

days like this

Today I.
~Submitted super late French assignment, woo hoo!!
~Bought housemate Alex's 21st present (vintage black stone ring & slr photography book)
~Had coffee with 2 other housemates :)
~Ate half a packet of mint slice biscuits...that was totally not on purpose.
~Did not buy groceries, instead bought latest copy of Frankie magazine.
~Bought mothers day card-need to write nice things in it.
~Ex-boyfriend coming to stay the night, completely forgot he was (male) roommates close friend.
~Going to eat toast for dinner tonight (again) due to fact that my food money was spent on really awesome magazine- i am totally ok with this!
chocolate cake xx


notebookdoodles said...

such a cute photo.

trendvixen said...

That popsicle stick joke is fantastic. So true. Really like the images on your blog...very beautiful.