Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I got tagged. :)

Chrissy from Buttercup Baby tagged me on the weekend. :)

Here are the rules: share six things that make you happy and tag six amazing starry-eyed bloggers!

So I'm tagging:

And six things that make me happy are...
1. People- people whom I love, people who make me smile, people who inspire me and make me think outside the box.

2. COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!!!!- nuff said.

3. Photos - beautiful photography, professional or just for fun! Looking at a pretty picture can brighten up my otherwise dull day.

4. The beach. swimming, sun baking (bad, i know), frolicking, drawing pictures in the sand, beach bonfires, the beach at nighttime, beach hair, sunshine...it all comes under 'beach'.

5. MUSIC. I think I would die without it, it makes my world go round. It always makes me happy to listen to anything from my collection of records and Cd's.

6. when a friend suggests going on a spontaneous-and-unorganised-road-trip-that-involves-camping-and-beaches...and then we go! The driving, the getting away from life, being with friends, attempting to set up ones tent. Its one of my favourite things ever. its always fun times and there will always be a story to tell when you get back home...that is definately something that makes me happy :)

and so, that's my 6, i could keep going on forever...there are soooo many things in life that can make me happy...

laters x
pics 1. catherine buca 2. chloe ad 3. stephanie burrows (if i recall correctly) 4. mila at loveology 5. random Dylan

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