Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just a small town girl, Living in a lonely world, She took the midnight train going anywhere

Lesson of the Day(according to society, not me) : Girls and Guys cannot be 'just friends'! Apparently, watching a movie together with 2 other people in the room also watching the movie with you, translates into you sleeping with the married friend! Do people seriously have nothing better to do that fabricate completely false facts and advertise them around town???? Seriously, people of HC, GET A NEW HOBBY!!! My town is the worst for gossip, thank God, I'm outta here on Tuesday!!!! Aaaaanywaaaaay, on a much happier (& calmer) note, I did have fun this weekend! Last night, I went to two of my good friend's place for some much needed girl time & it was my last night with them before I jet off to the US. We ate tacos, watched That 70's Show re-runs and swapped stuff. We each brought along some much loved stuff that we were just a little tired with and we all swapped our stuff! It was so much fun, I came home with a new tshirt, hand bag and funky cord bracelets...I highly recommend trying it with some friends, it was a very fun night :) Hope your weekend was just as rad, if not, more :) x x x
Pics via lyrics - Don't Stop Believing by Journey


fuschiaaa said...

YAY JOURNEY, LOL. Aww, sucks for you with all the gossip :(

Jude said...

I absolutely love your blog!
I really do!
It's amazing!

little shadow said...

Have fun in the US, lucky grrrrl.
Hope you'll still be posting x

Sara said...

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on...... hehe!!

What a tune!!!! X