Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy, busy, busy like a busy little bee

I have been so occupied with work over the past couple of days and as its school holidays this isnt going to calm down anytime soon.My Youth Services team have been flat out delivering activities and events to keep the kiddies well entertained and off the streets. We have been working non-stop and without days off. It's crazy, soooo busy and because a lot of kids are back from boarding school, our numbers are exceptionally high! I did happen to get a surprise visit at work the other day from a lovely boy who seems to be trying to gain my attention. It was his morning off and he brought me a six pack of my favourite beer (disguised heavily in a Nike shoe box) Him being a bar manager seems to have its advantages..or so he might think :)...but with so much work, I'm finding it hard to make time for anything a social life... and online shopping...I want what she's wearing. ^ Ha!

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Sarah Jane said...

i hear you, it's been a hectic few weeks. i hope the boy is a dreamy and sweet!! xo