Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spinning dizzily down on the floor

I have been soooo busy lately, I had a weeks hoilday in NSW for my cousins wedding (which was beautiful, despite being surrounded by relatives all weekend) But whilst I was over there I made the effort to see most of my good friends that reside on the East Coast of Aus. I was driving and having coffee for most of the week, trying to see as many people as possible. Very busy, but completely worth it.
Once I was back on the plane heading for the West Coast, ready to start my new job, I reoccured to me yet again, that I really hate change. I am pretty good when it comes to making the decision to change but I hate the actual process. My new job is so different from my old office job, its great, but I still need to adjust to the new hours and the fact that its pretty active and there is always something going on as appose to my quiet, rather boring desk job (which I will be glad to be rid of completely in a couple of weeks). I work nights now too, so my social life is rather quiet at the moment, but I'm adjusting and pretty excited for a new challenge :) I'll try and update a little more often now that things have started to settle down.

pic via weheartit lyrics by Passion Pit

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courtney jane said...

that is just liek me - I only like change when I like whats happening and I'm in control.
Cute pictures:)