Monday, June 22, 2009

i'm gonna buy me some club masters, oh yeah!

i loooooove those black glasses in the first pic, but my next pair on my wish list are definately some ray-ban club masters! Oh and I cannot wait to see the movies 500 DAys of Summer and Coco avant Chanel!!
images 1&5 here 2,3&4 randoms


Sara said...

The glasses in the first pic are fab! I've a pair just like that but I'm pretty sure I don't look that good in them :( - lol people like to stare when I wear them!! (loving your blog missy!)

viky said...

oh dear i'm so in love with your blog with these wonderful pictures!
i love to visite!

steph said...

helloo:) i laav those glasses, & im currently sourcing the perfect pair o' clubmasters. lovely blog:)x

alexandra jane said...

my dear, your blog is preciously lovely. i love your interests and cuteness. keep it up.
love always,
alexandra jane