Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogging makes me feel better...

7 things that made my day suck:
1. One of my best friends isnt speaking to me because I gave my opinon regarding his stupid decisions...I miss him, its been two days...
2. I have an assignment that is due tonight in which I have not started yet
3. I cannot go to the races due to the fact that I have an assingment that is due tonight in which I have not started yet.
4. The rain and lack of an umberella
5. Old people who should no longer retain a licence due to the fact that they can no longer actually drive!
6. Centrelink and the amount of times I have to go back and get more papers/id/etc
7. The races, cos everything in town shuts early because apparently the whole town goes to them!

7 things that made my day that much better:
1. venting.
2. recieving a parcel full of dvds, cds and stuff from my sister
3. listening to the cds from the parcel of stuff from my sister (Josh Radin, the weepies, she&him)
4. Sportsgirl sales!!!
5. chai lattes
6. the glimmer of sunshine coming through my window
7. the 3 beautiful people I live with that make coming home so much better :)

Hope your day is better than mine! xx


chrissybizzle said...

thanks for the birthday wishes! i had the best day :)
i love she and him!
and number 1 on the dumb list sounds like the story of my life! haha, when will boys understand?

jules said...

I hope the rest of your week is better! she and him are amazing, and always make my day better, and chocolate milk helps as well!