Friday, January 22, 2010

When We Were Young

pic 1 random 2 weheartit 3 Sophie Holt
lyrics by The Killers

Monday, January 11, 2010

But the clouds are clearing up And I've come reveling Burning incandescently Like a bastard on the burning sea...

2009 was a crazy year. I moved in with 7 of my favourite friends, had the road trip of all road trips to Byron for Blues Fest, drove my little old Camry across the country, moved states, had to leave some old friends but made some lovely new ones, went overseas twice, stared a new job, hooked up with a criminal (haha) and got punched in the face for the first time! (another story for another post, hehe)....2010 however is going to be slightly more calm and a little more collected as I (finally) decided to go out and get a new job! In three weeks time I start my job as a Youth Worker at my towns's Youth & Recreation Centre! A job that hopefully, will be more active and more rewarding. So, there should not be any more posts of me complaining about my sucky office job! Yay! :) I also have made indefinite plans to visit my friend in Hong Kong later on in the year and I want to dye my hair a crazy colour!! What do you think? I can't decide which I like better.... ☮

oh, and a note to Jarrod, if he happens to be reading this: 'Yes, Jarrod. I want to dye my hair red to be more like you, it is true, you are just that cool' .

pics via lyrics Moth's Wings by Passion Pit

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aha shake heartbreak...

Ok. So. Funny story. Weird stuff happens when you travel. Like, for example, whilst I was rockin out in the beautiful Montreal, I met a guy who closely (not entirely, but very closely) resembled this guy above. This guy being Caleb Followill, King of Leon, himself. So, as you could imagine, when I met this amazingly rad guy that closely resembled Caleb Followill, I was in awe. Not only did he look a little similar to him but he spoke fluent French, was a musician, a poker player, had awesome tatts, knew great music when he heard it and also had an awesome sense of style. Um, can you say (very near) p e r f e c t??
He was not only all of these things, but smart, witty and instantaneously captivating. We hit it off instantly. He taught me a lot about music (what he lives for) and that you should be open to every genre instead of just your favourites, which I tend not to be. I spent a whole 2 days and 2 nights getting to know him and his rad music collection and it sucked majorly to leave the following day. We exchanged email addresses and have emailed sporadically since. However, it turned out to be a good thing that things didn't progress too much further as, apparently, he likes to steal from people on a regular basis, actually, on a more professional basis...The guy that I was absolutely smitten with is a criminal!!!! What a waste of such an awesome being! We still talk a bit but he doesn't know that I know what he does though...its actually a pretty funny story and I am always going to remember that time in Montreal when I hooked up with the French speaking, musically inclined con man!
Despite him being wanted for robbery, he is as close to a 'Caleb Followill' that I will ever get... and to be honest, I'm quite satisfied with that :)

Closer by Kings of Leon
p e a c e x x

Monday, January 4, 2010

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!!!

and to start the new year off on a high note, here are some more rad pics by yyellowbird @ flickr....looooove her stuff.
I Have some stories coming soooon... x x x